Сталинградской битвы минусы

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Fresh from Moscow
Over Volga came to comrades aid
City in despair
Almost crushed by the fuhrers army

O, it&39s colder than hell
Hitlers forces advancing

The sound of mortars
The music of death
A grand symphony

See your friends fall hear them
Pray to the god your country denies
Every man dies alone and when your
Time comes you will know that it&39s time

Stalins fortress on fire
Is this madness or hell

The sound of mortars
The music of death
We&39re playing the devils symphony
Our violins are guns
Conducted from hell

O Stalingrad

Are you playing
Do you follow the conductors lead
No one knows you
No one cares about single a single violin

Play the score of the damned
Know the devil within

Клип Sabaton - Stalingrad (Сталинградсая битва)
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